SG, LA (Hashimoto's thyroiditis client):

"Because of you, I have a life back. Seriously, I had no idea I was not alone, I had no idea about the failure of so many doctors to run proper labs and listen to their patients and most importantly, I had no idea I could even get better."

MK, Yuba City:

 "I worked with Betsy in person a few times, and then by phone over many months.  She has an incredible ability to listen, and reflect back and pull out and crystalize the important bits.  With her I have been able to identify areas of change and work to meet those goals. And my energy is through the roof during and after sessions.  She has extensive knowledge of medical/science/health stuff, but often her suggestions are the simplest and most practical.  She's given me a fearlessness in asking for something, and let me see there's many ways to do things, and the freedom to be creative with solutions."   



"For several years I was not feeling as well as I like to feel. I was assured by my doctors there was nothing wrong. I was getting older, things change hormonally. I was in mourning for my dad. I was circumstantially depressed. There was nothing to be done except drugs, which didn’t make sense to take. I was miserable. I felt tired, beset by brain fog. Could not get myself to exercise, and figured it was all my fault. I wasn’t taking care of myself. And I was afraid it would be like this the rest of my life.

Betsy said there had to be some imbalance somewhere. We set about figuring out exactly what was going on. She showed me how to track and read my own lab results with more nuance. I was able to learn enough to speak to my doctors with knowledge and confidence in a language they understand and knew they needed to respect. 

Betsy taught me to trust my own sense of wellness and get curious, without judgement. I learned how to experiment with diet, supplements and exercise, basing evaluations on how I feel and how sustainable they are. How they work for me, all of me.

She showed me how to get the best out of the healthcare provider I’ve been working with and how to supplement with other specialized functional and integrated practitioners who work outside the limitations of the corporate medical machines. Now I’m changing providers based on what I can and can’t get. I can only make the change without fear because I know how to ask for what I need."