Heretic Health Advocates is the former "Betsy's Unlicensed Medical Practice" gone pro.  Now a National Medical Board and Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, with experience in medical literacy, thyroid disease and health, self-tracking, and other skills, Betsy Salkind will help you become the head of your own medical team and reach the new level of wellness you desire.   


Our Mission

Heretic Health Advocates provides wellness coaching, which includes helping you set health goals and partnering with you in exploring how best to achieve them. If you have current medical issues I can also help you work with your doctors and other healthcare providers to get the best diagnosis and treatment available.    Today's medical world can do incredible things, but frequently fails people with chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions.   I will give you the tools to become your own health advocate, and create an individualized plan to make the changes you want to make in a way that is fun, delicious, and inspiring.

Because of you, I have a life back. Seriously, I had no idea I was not alone, I had no idea about the failure of so many doctors to run proper labs and listen to their patients and most importantly, I had no idea I could even get better.
— S.S.G (Hashimoto's thyroiditis client)


  • WELLNESS COACHING: from wellness vision development, through goal-setting, to an individualized plan with accountability and support.
  • MEDICAL LITERACY:  understanding your condition(s); tracking and understanding your lab results.
  • PATIENT ADVOCACY:  preparing for meetings with doctors and specialists.  
  • SELF-TRACKING: individualized spreadsheets to track multiple variables including symptoms and interventions
  • SPECIALTIES INCLUDE:  thyroid disease, autoimmunity, depression, and lack of motivation.  
  • TYPICAL WELLNESS GOALS:  physical fitness, better sleep, improved nutrition, stress reduction, smoking cessation, and higher energy.